Judges & Volunteers
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Save all of your event’s judges and volunteers in the Judges and Volunteers section of Setup.

All judges and volunteers added to this page can be optionally included in email announcements that you send from PerfDog. Go ahead and put all of your committee members and other volunteers in there!

The judges listed for stakes or levels on this page are printed on Running Orders, Catalogs, and other AKC or parent club reporting documents.

It’s important that the judges you list here are correct, and that their email addresses are correct.

To add judges and volunteers:

  1. Click in the Search box and search our system for the person's name. Choose them if they appear in the search box.

  2. If they don't appear in our system, add them by typing their name, then click Add (their name).

  3. A new profile info screen will appear. Complete their information and save it.

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View and change the judges in your event

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