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Add an administrator to your event

Control Who Can Access Your Event with PerfDog User Permissions

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Control Who Can Access Your Event with PerfDog User Permissions

PerfDog's User Permissions feature lets you decide who can access and admin your event and what level of access they have.

Grant Different Permissions:

  • Co-Admin: Share management responsibilities with trusted individuals. They can help you manage the event alongside you.

  • Early Entry: Allow specific people to enter before entry opens to the public. This is great for VIPs or volunteers.

  • Late Entry: Grant access to register after the deadline has passed.

  • Drawing Viewer: Give permission to watch the event drawing (if applicable).

How to Assign Permissions:

  1. During event set up, you can add extra administrators to your event or let specific people enter early.

    1. Look for the "Permissions" section under "People" in the second section of "Setup."

      Setup asst PERMISSIONS.png

    2. To add people after initial event set up, go to the "Setup" section of your event page, then click "User Permissions."

  2. Search or Add Users: Type the name or email address of the person you want to grant access to in the "Search or enter new name" field. Click the "Add" option in the dropdown if the person does not appear in the list.

  3. Assign Permissions: Next to the user's name, select the appropriate permission from the dropdown menu under "Permission."

Viewing User Emails:

To see the email address associated with a specific permission, simply click on the person's name. This is the email address they'll need to use to sign in (or sign up) and access the event.

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