How to use the Random Drawing tool
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After creating a random drawing, you can easily move dogs around to avoid conflicts, add breaks, and email the running order to all entrants and volunteers.

View this video to learn how to customize your running order and email it to entrants.

Or, read the instructions (with screenshots) below the video.

Some things to note:

  • You can email your running order to entrants, handlers, and all judges and volunteers who are listed on your Judges and volunteers page under Setup.

  • You can also post the running order on your event page once the running order is locked.

  • If you plan to allow bitches in season, you can update those who come into season from this page and the running order will automatically place them in the last brace. However, please note that the system will not flag a bitch in season if the stake they’re entered in is not the last stake of the day.

  • If entries are added or scratched after the close, or bitches in season are updated, the running order can be re-ordered. You do not need to create a new random drawing. Just scroll down and make adjustments as needed. Any potential conflicts based on your Automatic fix settings will be highlighted.

  • Any notes to the secretary from entrants will be viewable if there's a clickable note icon beside the dog’s name.

Because it's a random draw, there will initially be conflicts. The conflicts can be eliminated in several different ways.

Step 1: Execute the drawing

  • To execute your event's random drawing, go to your event page, click the Manage button and then click Manage running order.

  • Click the button to create a random drawing:


Step 2: View and fix conflicts

See where conflicts lie and use our Automatic fix feature or manually fix conflicts.

Easily see multiple course conflicts

PerfDog allows you to see up to 3 courses with run times across the page if your screen is large enough. This allows you to view potential conflicts with ease.

If you have up to 3 courses running at the same time, and they’re set up properly in Setup > Stakes, you can view them side by side with run times. This makes it easier to visualize conflicts between courses.

You can also scroll each course independently in order to bring the run times closer in line with each other. Click the "Scroll each course separately" button to enable and disable this ability.


Use our Automatic Fix feature

Click Automatically fix problems to let the system eliminate conflicts within each stake, based on the setting you choose in the Automatic fix settings (located to the left of the Automatically fix problems button). The Automatic fix settings include:

  • Avoid back-to-back

  • Prefer back-to-back and a sub setting of

  • Prefer out-and-back (out on odd numbered run, back on even)

The automatic fix may take a minute or two, but it works well if you don’t want to put a lot of thought into the conflicts within the stake. Each stake must be fixed separately AND fixed one at a time.

Manually fix problems

If you choose one of the options under Automatic fix settings (Avoid back-to-back, Prefer back-to-back and Prefer out-and-back), entries will be highlighted to indicate where your potential problems lie. Critical, Serious, and Minor issues are shown, with a clickable message on each issue. Change your Automatic fix settings and your highlighted issues will change as well. Using these settings can help you easily identify conflicts based on the chosen Automatic fix settings.

Manually move entries to eliminate conflicts. There are 3 ways you can manually move dogs:

  • Click, hold, and drag an entry to another location within the stake. This shifts all dogs up or down by one line depending on where you drag the dog to.

  • Pick 1 and move - Choose a round button to the left of an entry and move it up or down using the arrows on the left side of the stake above the entries. Undo and redo buttons are also here.

  • Pick 2 and swap - Choose 2 square buttons to the right of 2 entries and swap them using the Swap button on the right side of the stake above the entries. Undo and redo buttons are also here.


Add new brace - Helpful with bitches in season

Add new brace can be used in cases where you have a bitch in season.

Example: You have a bitch in season in the last brace with a bye dog. A male dog is entered in the event after you’ve created your running order. The system will place the new male dog in the last brace with the bitch in season. In this case, you would need to either swap the male with a female from an earlier brace or add a new brace and move the newly added male dog to the brace above the bitch in season. You’ll have 2 bye dog braces, which is acceptable.

Example: You have 2 bitches in season in the last brace. A male dog is entered in the event after you’ve created your running order. The system will place the new male dog in the last brace with a bye dog. The 2 in-season bitches will need to be moved to the end. The easiest way to move that brace to the end is to:

  1. Pick (round button) one bitch and click the Add new brace button.

  2. Do the same with the second bitch.

  3. Make sure the newly added dog is moved or placed in a brace above the 2 bitches, even if it’s a bye-dog brace.

  4. Click the x next to the bottom bitch to merge the 2 bitches into one brace.

Step 3: Customize the Running Order

You can customize the running order and adjust event timing:

Change start times for each stake

There are 2 ways to change the start times for a stake:

  1. From the running order page -

    1. Change the start time for the first brace by clicking "add" under the time

    2. A pop up will appear where you can choose a blue link for Stakes. Click the link to change the time.


  2. Leave the running order and go to Setup > Stakes where you can change each stake’s start time or estimated start time, day, and which stake it follows.

Change individual brace run times and buffer times between braces

  • Go to Setup > Event limits and timing and customize each brace.

  • You can also access Event limits and timing by clicking the blue button in the bottom left below the instructions.


Add a break or "Stop for the day" before or after a brace

We recommend resolving conflicts and making changes to dogs prior to adding breaks.

This feature allows you to:

  • Add a break at the start or end of a stake

  • Add a break between braces

  • Add "Stop for the day"

These breaks are then published in the running order.


Add a special item:

  1. Click on (add), which is located below the estimated time

  2. Follow instructions to do any of the following:

    1. Add a break between braces (for lunch, judge break, etc)

    2. Add a time block for call backs

    3. Split a stake between 2 days and publish “Stop for the day"

    4. Add time to the end or beginning of a stake to allow for a judge’s break or judge change, or any other break.


Step 4: Lock the running order

This allows you to view, print, email, and post the running order. Once your event is locked, people can view the running order and will see a "See brace sheets" button on your event. To prevent people from seeing the running order prematurely, unlock it if you're not ready for it to be public.

Locking the running order also allows you to view and print your Catalog and Labels.

Step 5: View/Print Stakes

You can view or print your event’s running order in 2 formats: One stake at a time or Side by side.

  • One stake at a time shows the registered name of the dog, handler, and breed and spans across the page.

  • Side by side shows abbreviated dog info - the call name, handler, and breed and it shows two courses side by side.

Step 6: Email running orders

You can use PerfDog to email running orders to every handler, entrant, and volunteer in the event. You can customize the email message and send yourself a test email to see how it and the attached running order looks before emailing it to everyone. Click Email running orders to go to the email message page.

Choose the Customized running order attachment to highlight the recipient's dogs to make it easier for entrants to see when they're scheduled to run. You can also choose to send the running order format as One stake at a time or Side by side and with or without estimated run times.

Step 7: Post running order

Post the running order on the event page for everyone to see. You can choose either the One stake at a time or Side by side format and with or without run times.

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